Innovation in a motion.

"By defining the word 'opus' as an artistic, musical and scientific work, the direction of the coming products is predetermined. We are always concerned with the best possible interaction between the individual vehicle components, which result in a 'symphony' solely when precisely coordinated with one another."

Lukas Domogalla

OPUS managing director

Aenean Consectetur

Who we are

We are a newcomer only by name. Our development team is one that has been active in the industry for 20 years.

We are located close to the Nurburgring racetrack in the former test centre of Mercedes-AMG GmbH on Gottlieb-Daimler-Street, in the same business park where racing teams and well-known vehicle manufacturers have settled. As can be seen on the pictures, our team from Meuspath is referred to as the “Home of the AMG GT” for a reason.

OPUS workshop with three AMG GTRCustom AMG GTR interior

Project Black Series

The so-called "OPUS Binary Editions", with 1111 and 1001 hp, will be released for sale after hard testing on the dynamometer, on the road and undertaking countless laps in the green hell of the Nurburgring and other racetracks. The expected release date is June 2021. With the currently highest power-stage, the modified GT Black Series will surpass the AMG ONE by 57 hp, which has a system output specified as 1054 hp.
One might get the idea that this is a relatively high amount of power for a rear-wheel drive vehicle, but we have a solution: At all power levels the torque stays limited to the “bare minimum” for best traction as well as the drivetrain-longevity. In combination with the ex-works sophisticated aerodynamics, the performance is by no means over-portioned. We promise characteristics similar to an NA engine with a linear performance curve for all performance levels.

Aenean Consectetur Porta
Aenean Consectetur Porta

Overview of our services and technologies

- ECU reprogramming / remapping
- Turbo Tech
- Engine Builds and Transmission reinforcement
- Dynamometer
- Suspension setup
- Racetrack testing
- 3D Scans
- Brake upgrade kits
- Workshop
- Events

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